Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The Chicken came first!

November 16th, the Chicken appeared at the SF NUHW fundraiser.

November 17th, the EGG appeared at the LA NUHW fundraiser.

As guests were coming in, SEIU-UHW zombies threw EGGS at several guests. The chicken was no where to be seen, but the eggs were flying!

Another brilliant move: one of the "guests" who was egged was the vice president of the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA), one of the largest unions in Southern California that hosted the event at their union hall.

The zombies were relegated to the side walk down the street from the main entrance to the building, and police tape blocked them from picketing in front of the actual entrance.

They did have blaring lights that they flashed from the distance as people were walking in. If anyone attending the event was "neutral," SEIU's behavior changed all that when several guests walked in shocked at SEIU's behavior.

Check it out online.

Anyone have some pictures to share from the event in LA?