Sunday, December 11, 2011

SEIU's Greg Maron: Escort to the Stars!

A reader in California reports that SEIU staffer Greg Maron has taken on a new gig as a highly paid escort. For those who don’t know him, Maron pockets $140,000 a year as a Director of SEIU-UHW’s Kaiser Division and is affectionately called “Mr. Moron” by Kaiser workers. In September, he was last seen threatening SEIU-UHW members with termination if they joined the strike waged by 21,000 members of NUHW and CNA against Kaiser Permanente.  

Well, on Friday, Maron reportedly showed up at NUHW’s offices in Northern California with an SEIU videographer and two Kaiser workers from Southern California. The two workers -- Garry Brooks and Jerome Scott -- are SEIU’s “Dynamic Duo of Disinformation.” Last year, Brooks and Scott were featured in SEIU videos, leaflets, mailers and email blasts as they told Kaiser workers that they’d lose their pay and benefits if they voted to join NUHW. These illegal threats -- along with the rest of SEIU’s lies -- were so severe that the NLRB overturned the results of last year’s election and ordered a new one.

Federal records reveal that SEIU officials paid a handsome price for the duo’s disinformation services. For example, SEIU-UHW paid Garry Brooks more than $10,000 for his services in last year’s NLRB election, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

…which brings us back to Maron’s visit to NUHW’s offices on Friday. That’s where Mr. Moron and Co. insisted they had a right to enter NUHW’s offices -- video camera in hand -- to review NUHW’s financial records. Yeah right!! The purple propagandists then shot a video in the hallway claiming that NUHW was somehow undemocratic for refusing entry to the SEIU-paid propaganda team.  

SEIU’s idiotic media stunts definitely make for good humor, but Tasty has an idea for a more compelling video. It's simple:  SEIU should put Dave Regan in front of a camera so he can answer questions like these:
  • Why are you getting paid $300,000 a year – nearly triple what Sal Rosselli earned as the president of SEIU-UHW?
  • Why did SEIU-UHW make $11.8 million in profits during the first eight months of this year? If SEIU-UHW is so profitable, why are you planning to raise union dues on the membership in January?
  • Why is Greg “$140K” Moron spending his time escorting SEIU’s propaganda teams instead of helping all of the Kaiser workers who’ve been unjustly fired because SEIU is simply refusing to enforce workers’ contract?
  • It's been three years since SEIU imposed its trusteeship. Why have you failed to transfer SEIU-UHW’s 65,000 homecare and nursing home members to Local 6434, which was the whole reason for the trusteeship?
Oh… and if you’re short on videographers, Tasty would love to help!