Wednesday, December 14, 2011

“Where’s the SEIU-UHW Representation?”

Apparently, that’s a question that lots of workers at Kaiser Permanente are asking these days. Tasty gets a steady stream of emails from Kaiser workers who report that Dave Regan and Co are providing virtually zero support to Kaiser workers. Take, for instance, the case where Hortencia Armendariz and other SEIU-UHW staffers sat on their hands while Kaiser terminated a 33-year employee at Kaiser Walnut Creek Medical Center, which prompted shock and outrage even among SEIU's own supporters.

Tasty’s seen a lot of tragic stories, but was especially horrified by this one from a worker at Kaiser Los Angeles Medical Center. Here it is:
Where’s the SEIU-UHW representation? On 12/2/2011 Joseph Birch a 32-year medical records clerk was terminated because the Human Resources Rep., Tina Parrish, decided that she felt he was not "truthful" during an investigation - mind you, without any proof.

This same investigation led to the termination of his wife a year ago, who passed away earlier this year from cancer while waiting for SEIU UHW to mount a defense for her. She tried in vain for months and months to get her case heard, with no response from SEIU.

Nowadays, if Kaiser "feels" you violated a rule or policy, they can take punitive action without recourse or representation from SEIU UHW.
HOW MUCH MORE OF THIS REPRESENTATIONAL INCOMPETENCE DOES THIS MEMBERSHIP HAVE TO ENDURE? SEIU has no intent of representing its members. Their agenda is to use our funds as a stream of revenue for their expansion.