Thursday, December 15, 2011

Steve Matthews Channels Dave Regan in Latest Romance

Steve Matthews
Looks like SEIU Local 721’s newly appointed Executive Director is working hard to keep pace with Dave Regan’s passion for extra-marital romances. Readers report that Steve Matthews, who’s only headed the Los Angeles-based union since September, is running into problems after getting busy with a Local 721 staffer. It’s too bad that Local 721’s members didn’t listen to Tasty’s warnings about Matthews! Here are excerpts from a reader’s recent email (Tasty replaced the women’s names with initials):
Do you remember seeing the blog post where Steve was exposed for having an inappropriate relationship with T. who was a member of uhw and that he was fired from?

He's up to the same thing.  He is still married to T. and is also having an affair with L. who is a former union member and now on staff at our local.  We were ok when we could at least pretend it wasn't happening but he has been making decisions that affect us and our dues.  Steve recently created a new department in the union and put L. in charge of it and gave her a raise!  When are we going to draw the line? We can't keep covering for Steve and letting him make decisions about our union that affect all of us.

Steve has a history of inappropriate relationships and has gotten fired over these every time. He has poor judgement and pits members against other members and staff against other staff members… Steve uses his position of power to take advantage of women.

What are we going to do about all of this?  The decisions that are being made are really bad and I was told that everyone is talking about it at the union office.
Tasty hopes that Matthews pulls out (so to speak) before he commits something similar to what Dave Regan did in Ohio. Back when Dangerous Dave was President of SEIU 1199 Ohio, he reportedly impregnated one of the union’s Executive Board members and then pressured her to get an abortion, after which he promptly dumped her from the union’s board.

Tasty hears that Regan’s escapades are well known inside SEIU. In 2009, soon after Regan landed in California to impose SEIU’s trusteeship, a union staffer questioned Regan about the Ohio incident during a union staff meeting. Apparently, Regan didn’t deny the incident, but instead challenged the staffer to a fist fight in the parking lot. What a class act! Well, now we know why SEIU pays Regan a salary of $300,000 a year – all that extra-curricular romancing is expensive!