Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rich Trumka to Mary Kay Henry: No Dice!

Yesterday, In These Times described “previously unreported letters [that] show the AFL-CIO rebuffing SEIU’s bid for a larger deal to freeze out NUHW.” 

According to the article, SEIU President Mary Kay Henry wrote to AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka and proposed a “no-raid pact” that was conditioned on the Machinists union withdrawing its support for NUHW. Trumka declined SEIU’s offer.

Well, a source sent copies of the correspondence to Tasty! Below are the two letters.

But first, an interesting note about the letter from SEIU's Mary Kay Henry to Trumka: Take a look at the second paragraph, where Henry reports to Trumka that SEIU-UHW was trusteed in 2009 for "refus[ing] to abide by an internal jurisdictional decision of the SEIU International Executive Board." Her description of the trusteeship is significant because SEIU officials have repeatedly told workers and the media that the union's former leaders were removed for supposedly "stealing millions of dollars" -- a bald-faced lie that Mary Kay Henry has now documented in black and white! Also notable: today, more than 3 1/2 years after the trusteeship, SEIU officials have STILL not implemented the "internal jurisdictional decision" that was the stated rationale for SEIU's bogus trusteeship.

Next, here’s Trumka’s letter to Mary Kay Henry shooting down her proposal.

Lastly, here’s more news coverage of SEIU-UHW’s attack on California’s nurse-to-patient ratio from the website Daily Kos: “California Unions Battle over Fate of State’s Nurse-to-Patient Ratio Law.”