Monday, June 25, 2012

NLRB: SEIU-UHW Is Out at O'Connor Woods

Friday's vote by 175 workers at Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital wasn't the only loss suffered by SEIU-UHW during the past week. In a separate action, the NLRB formally certified the results of an earlier election in which 186 employees at O'Connor Woods in Stockton, California voted to dump SEIU-UHW. 

Here's what happened:

In February, workers at O'Connor Woods voted to decertify SEIU-UHW by a margin of 93 (No Union) to 77 (SEIU-UHW). Apparently, workers rebelled against Dave Regan and Co. after SEIU staffers refused to return employees' phone calls or give them basic support. Tasty hears that Vicky Jackson was the main SEIU staffer asleep at the wheel. In addition, she apparently headed up SEIU's failed election campaign in February. 

After the NLRB's vote count in February, SEIU-UHW spokesperson Elizabeth Brennan confidently predicted that SEIU-UHW would overturn the election results because of alleged 'widespread' misconduct committed during the election. In fact, SEIU's attorneys -- including Bruce Harland -- filed no fewer than 34 "objections" to the election in legal papers submitted to the NLRB. 

It turns out, however, that SEIU-UHW's claims were hot air. By last week, all 34 of SEIU's objections had either been dismissed by the NLRB or withdrawn by SEIU. Consequently, the NLRB finally certified the results of the February election. 

All in all, it looks like things must be bad inside SEIU-UHW. After all, it's a bad sign when the union's members would rather work without a union than be members of SEIU-UHW.