Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thud! SEIU's Dave Regan Is Under the Bus Again

Once again, SEIU’s Dave Regan has been tossed under the bus -- this time, by the CEO of the California Hospital Association. Here’s what happened:

Since the staffing-ratio scandal broke last week, Regan and SEIU huckster Steve Trossman have been trying to claim they didn’t actually want to roll back California’s safe-staffing ratios, but simply wanted the California Labor Federation to be “neutral” on any change.

Here’s how SEIU-UHW said it in a leaflet to its members:
The Hospital Association has proposed a temporary, 2-year lifting of the RN staffing ratios – just during meal and break periods – which they say saves them $400 million. SEIU-UHW has taken a neutral position on that proposal, neither in favor nor opposed.
Likely story, right? Fortunately, SEIU’s partner in crime -- the California Hospital Association (CHA) -- has ‘fessed up to what really happened.

Yesterday, Duane Dauner (the CEO of the CHA) told the Sacramento Business Journal that he made a deal with certain California legislators to have them introduce the anti-ratio bill, but only if the California Labor Federation first agreed “to go neutral” on the legislation.

That’s where SEIU and Dave Regan came in. They acted as Dauner’s secret agents by pressuring the Labor Federation’s to adopt a “neutral” position during an “emergency” phone call engineered by Dave Regan and the Labor Federation’s Art Pulaski.

Here’s how the Sacramento Business Journal describes it:
There will be no bill this year to relax the ratios because the California Hospital Association had an agreement with legislative leaders who might have carried the legislation that the Labor Fed had to go neutral on the notion first, said Duane Dauner, president and CEO at CHA.

“That vote did not occur,” Dauner said. “As a result, we didn’t try to move it.”

…SEIU and CHA are trying to work together on public policy matters that affect both partners, Dauner said.

“We felt this was one time — because it involved labor — it was appropriate for SEIU to present the idea to the California Labor Federation,” he said. “Then it was dead.”
As you can see, SEIU was hardly “neutral” in this scheme. In fact, they were the industry’s handmaiden... the CEO's errand boy. To make a sports analogy, SEIU served as the Boss’s linemen who tried to clear the field so SEIU’s corporate quarterback, Duane Dauner, could carry the ball across the goal line.  

And how fierce and furious is the SEIU/CHA scandal in California? Check out this leaflet from the California Nurses Association: