Sunday, September 15, 2013

$1,308 Bill from Cigar Club Shows Vastness of SEIU Corruption Scandal

Remy Louis XIII cognac

It’s been widely reported that SEIU’s Tyrone Freeman spent thousands of dollars of workers’ dues money at the Grand Havana Room in Beverly Hills. 

But what, exactly, did he spend the money on?

Well, put on your seatbelt and check out the following receipt filed by U.S. prosecutors during the pre-sentencing phase of Freeman’s criminal proceeding. This is the same SEIU corruption scandal that may have finally ensnared Eliseo Medina, who recently announced his rapid resignation as SEIU’s Secretary-Treasurer.

At 10:45pm on a Monday night in November of 2007, Freeman and five of his guests spent a total $1,308 during an after-dinner binge of alcohol, cigars, sushi and pastries.

On the receipt, you’ll find the infamous $175 glass of cognac, which is labeled as “Remy Louis 13.” 

According to the bill, Freeman and his pals consumed a stunning amount of booze, food and cigars:  8 mojitos; 2 Grey Gooses (vodka); 2 Chopin vodkas (a hand-made vodka from Poland); 9 martinis made with Chopin vodka; a Remy Martin cognac; a Baileys whiskey; 25 cigars; salmon and lobster rolls; raspberry crème brulee; cheesecake; sushi… and the list goes on. 

(Tasty can’t figure out what some of the items are -- three “G Summerland PN” at $18 a piece?).

Quite a stunning indictment of all the klepto-crats at SEIU, who hid this corruption from SEIU's members for years. Tasty wonders what would have happened if Sal Rosselli and his reformers hadn't blown the whistle on Freeman and his partners in crime, the Andy Stern/Mary Kay Henry gang. Presumably, SEIU’s fatcats would have kept on robbing millions of dollars from SEIU’s members.