Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fishman to Take Over Eliseo Medina's Office at SEIU Purple Palace

As Tasty predicted weeks ago, SEIU’s Mike Fishman was formally named to replace Eliseo Medina, who’s stepping down on Tuesday as SEIU’s Secretary-Treasurer -- the second highest position inside the Purple Palace. 

Fishman’s selection was reported in this article in The Hill, which says he was “elected” last week by SEIU’s International Executive Board.

Medina’s rapid exit has fueled speculation that his departure is connected with SEIU’s massive corruption scandal in California. On October 7, SEIU’s Tyrone Freeman will be sentenced in a federal courthouse following his conviction on multiple criminal counts including embezzlement, theft of union assets, and mail fraud.
Where's Eliseo?

At the same exact time that Freeman was robbing millions from low-wage healthcare workers in California, Medina’s office was responsible for reviewing and co-signing the checks prepared by Freeman -- including the checks that Freeman used to carry out his embezzlement schemes.

Meanwhile, SEIU continues to low-ball Medina's “retirement,” prompting further suspicion that he's departing under fire. On SEIU’s website, there’s scarcely a peep about Medina's departure. And even though he doesn’t formally leave his job until October 1, his name has already been removed from SEIU's website (see excerpt from SEIU's homepage). 

It looks like Mary Kay Henry is rushing Medina out the door... and rapidly  eliminating evidence of Medina's connection to SEIU. 

Hmm... wonder if she's already revoked his parking permit and stripped the nameplate from his top-floor office.