Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Amid Allegations of Vote-Rigging, SEIU-UHW's Dave Regan Declares Victory

Here’s a shocker.

On the heels of multiple reports of purple vote-rigging, SEIU-UHW officials recently announced that their “Unity Plan” has been “overwhelmingly” approved by SEIU-UHW’s members.

Under the plan, SEIU-UHW’s Dave Regan will implement a new dues system that’ll boost workers’ maximum monthly dues to $124 a month -- a $40 increase from the current top rate of $84 per month. And that’s not all. Regan now has the authority to continue boosting the top dues rate by $10 a year… forever! That means that in eight years, the top rate will by $204 per month.

Here’s how SEIU-UHW announced the election results on its website:

SEIU-UHW Members Overwhelmingly Vote for Unity Plan, Setting Bold Path for 2014
SEIU-UHW members have a bold vision to work together to improve the lives of millions of Californians in 2014. That’s why 73.4% of voters chose to strengthen our union by adopting the Unity Plan…

In an action that speaks volumes, SEIU-UHW failed to release the actual numbers of votes that were supposedly cast for each option on the ballot.

Soon after the election results were "boldly" announced, the union’s members began flooding SEIU-UHW’s FaceBook page with angry comments. Here’s a sampling…

Dislike dislike dislike dislike. I get to give them $40 more a month for them to do NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

Now I get to pay more dues than my charge nurse, who makes $70 an hour. Yeah, thanks SEIU.

I don't believe in any of this stuff anymore, I know more people who voted against the unity plan and now it's approved! Seiu does nothing for me!

What do you mean by a fair playing field Michelle Cesar? Their is nothing fair about this vote! It was rigged just like every other vote with SEIU!!

This is union is a joke and we became the punch line...

This union is a joke...wish we didn't have one! We pay them to do nothing!

Troy, since the current leadership has been in control my previous position has been eliminated, we have been shuffled around from unit to unit without any real say about the matter, we have little and mostly no support with grievances, any issues we have we have to defend ourselves. I direct those with issues to people who will really help them, nearly all of the people former stewards of the current leaders of NUHW. And now many face increases in dues from a group that really doesn't care about us. Another issue I have with their "Unity Plan" is that if we choose to work extra as many do not only do we make more money but the purple also makes more money. They are garbage.

Powerful comments, right? 

And get this: even though workers supposedly voted "overwhelmingly" for Regan's plan, virtually all of the comments on SEIU-UHW's own FaceBook page are angry attacks against Regan's visionary plan.