Friday, May 6, 2011


Tasty hears that SEIU has brought in busloads of staff to visit workers in their homes. According to one worker, SEIU organizers showed up at her house and told her to rip up her ballot after she told them she'd voted for NUHW.

So with SEIU's organizers frantically knocking on workers' front doors, SEIU is apparently struggling to find staff to station inside CPMC's cafeterias. In fact, they even sent Mary Sacramento, the famous dancer, from UHW's Human Resources Department to sit in one of the cafeterias with a purple shirt. Luckily, Mary has plenty of cash to buy all the cafeteria food she wants. According to LM-2s, SEIU's trustees gave Mary a 25% pay increase after the trusteeship, boosting her pay to $75,000 a year. SEIU members' dues dollars at work!

In other news about dues dollars, SEIU bought lunch and dinner for CPMC workers at the California Campus, many of whom didn't eat it because they don't support SEIU! Too bad for those members becuase SEIU paid $1600+ for lunch, and again for dinner--and left the proof on the table. (see pic)

$3200 worth of non-eaten Brisket ain't gonna buy you a win, SEIU!