Sunday, May 8, 2011

No Pants!

Some readers are wondering what's happened to Jonpaul McLellan, the SEIU organizer who famously tweets about his erections on public buses. Well, Tasty learned that SEIU originally hired Jonpaul through TruCorps, a for-profit temporary staffing agency set up by SEIU and staffed by Jim Philliou and Pamela Kieffer , the wife of Dave Kieffer.

After Jonpaul's temporary gig on SEIU's Kaiser election campaign, a genius over at UHW hired him onto the union's staff.

Tasty hears that Jonpaul, who also likes to tweet about taking his pants off in movie theaters, is particularly excited about May 6, which is officially "No Pants Day" (Nope, not kidding). Tasty bets that this is Jonpaul's most favoritest day of the year!

In fact, check out this photo that Jonpaul posted on his twitter site. From what Tasty can tell, looks like he took the pic inside of a department store. When ballots are counted next Tuesday at CPMC, workers will know if they can finally say they've seen the last of Jonpaul!