Saturday, October 8, 2011

SEIU and Kaiser Permanente Hit with Legal Ruling

Tasty hears that SEIU and Kaiser Permanente are licking their wounds after getting hit with another legal ruling last week.  Here’s what’s going on:

Remember how the NLRB tossed out the results of last year’s giant Kaiser election after SEIU and Kaiser were found guilty of violating federal labor law by threatening workers during the election?

Well, ever since the NLRB ordered a re-run election for 43,000 Kaiser workers, Kaiser execs have been letting purple-shirted SEIU organizers flood into Kaiser’s hospitals to pressure workers to vote for SEIU. Workers tell Tasty it’s like a “re-play” of last year’s election -- SEIU organizers are all over their facilities, bullying workers, interrupting patients, making threats, campaigning in Kaiser conference rooms… and Kaiser execs are letting SEIU do whatever they want to.

Well, last week, the NLRB announced they’re launching an official investigation into these latest violations. The NLRB says these kinds of violations are serious and would prevent the NLRB from running a fair election for workers, so they can’t schedule the re-run election until the NLRB finishes their investigation.

Tasty hears the ruling is a big blow for SEIU and Kaiser. They’ve been pressuring the NLRB to run the election as quickly as possible so they can take advantage of the all the threats and disinformation they’ve been raining down on Kaiser workers for so many months. Also, they wanna run the election before more news emerges about SEIU’s backroom deal that lets Kaiser slash workers’ pensions and health benefits.

So what happens if SEIU and Kaiser are once again found guilty of violating workers’ rights? Is there a special place for repeat offenders like Kaiser and SEIU? If the NLRB is unwilling to do the right thing, Tasty is sure that readers will have plenty of suggestions for the NLRB!