Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SEIU Insurance for Sale!

Remember this post about the SEIU insurance company that’s masquerading as SEIU Local 2008? (SEIU Local 2008 is also known as “SEANC”). Well, Tasty took a peek at SEANC’s website and found new details about the exciting insurance products it’s peddling to workers.

Now… in case you’re wondering whether you really need to buy “Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance” from SEIU, you might wanna read this important statement on SEANC’s website:
You can prepare for life's uncertainties and gain peace of mind by finding a SEANC Insurance program that fits your needs and your budget. Whether you are expecting your first child or retiring from a lifetime of public service, a big change can influence how much financial protection your family needs. Start today and take advantage of SEANC's group rates! Payroll deduction is available through most state agencies and the state retirement system.
That’s right, friends! You can simply deduct your monthly SEIU insurance premiums directly from your paycheck… along with your union dues and COPE contributions.

So what kind of insurance is SEIU peddling? Well, it’s a virtual “31 flavors” of insurance products. There’s everything from auto, dental, health and life to home, vision, accident, legal and disability insurance. And don’t forget to pick up special policies for cancer, “identity theft,” “hospital confinement” and “accidental dismemberment.” 

And... don’t miss this special offer! After all, doesn't every SEIU member need “pet insurance?” That’s right, folks! Have you been spending restless nights wondering what will happen if Fido passes a kidney stone while pissing on the neighbor’s lawn? Well, thanks to SEIU's “Healthy Paws Pet Insurance,” your worries are over! 

And just in case you’re thinking SEANC is all about selling its insurance products to workers, Tasty wants to set the record straight. Over the summer, the union actually held “three exclusive budget briefings” to explain the impacts of the state’s new budget on SEANC’s members, who are state employees. Here’s what SEANC’s website says:

Not feeling super reassured? Well, Tasty hopes that SEANC's slogan inspires some confidence... even if it's delivered by insurance salesman: