Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Andy Stern on Hot Seat over SIGA Bid-Rigging

SEIU President Emeritus Andy Stern is in more hot water over allegations that he helped rig a $432 million, no-bid government contract for his company, SIGA Technologies. Check out CNN's special investigation -- entitled "Sweetheart Deal with Your Money?" -- that aired on Anderson Cooper 360 in recent days. 

The report highlights Stern's role in the deepening scandal... and even features a picture of Stern flashing his famous purple scarf. Here are some of the questions posed by CNN's Anderson Cooper:

Why would a guy like Andy Stern, who has all these political connections, why would he be on the board of this thing? Why would you bring in someone like that unless it was to get influence with the White House?
And why is it that the company with deep ties to the White House -- the company that just got a big contract for a drug that’s not been proven yet -- why is it going to make an 85% profit on its government contract?

And that's just the beginning! Here's the full video

And a second CNN segment features Anderson Cooper's interview with one of SIGA's board members about the SIGA scandal.

So what did Stern get from the dirty deal? Well, the report hints at Andy's likely payoff when it reports that SIGA's top two executives each got bonuses of up to a quarter-million dollars for landing the giant government contract.

How much did SEIU's President Emeritus pocket from the deal? It's not clear, although there's still a chance the entire scheme will come crashing down under the weight of multiple government investigations into Andy's back-room deal. Stay tuned!