Monday, September 1, 2014

Dave Regan Pulls Bait-and-Switch on SEIU-UHW's Homecare Members

SEIU-UHW's Dave Regan
In recent weeks, the California Secretary of State posted an unremarkable notice on its website that has important implications for SEIU-UHW’s members… and offers an interesting window into the manipulative tactics that Dave Regan employed against the union's own membership to accomplish his ballot initiative deal with the California Hospital Association.

Last year, Regan not only launched two statewide ballot initiatives targeting the California Hospital Association. He also launched a signature-gathering campaign aimed at putting an initiative on the ballot to raise California's homecare workers’ wages by $2.00 per hour. It was called the Fair Wages and Training for Homecare Workers Act.


As Tasty explained at the time, Regan wanted to have an excuse to enlist SEIU-UHW’s 65,000 homecare workers in volunteer signature-gathering to help collect the 1.1 million signatures needed to qualify his CHA measures for the ballot.

In order to make sure his CHA initiatives got on the ballot, he spent millions of dollars of the union's funds to hire professional signature gatherers... which, according to Regan, allowed SEIU-UHW to easily surpass the number of signatures needed to qualify his two CHA measures. 

But Regan didn't apparently do the same thing for the homecare initiative. What happened?

That's where the Secretary of State's website comes in.

On July 11th, the Secretary of State reported that SEIU-UHW’s homecare initiative (Initiative #1637) failed to qualify for the ballot because it was nearly 100,000 signatures short of the minimum number of signatures needed.


What next? Time to get ready for Regan’s next bait-and-switch scheme.