Wednesday, September 10, 2014

SEIU’s Mary Kay Henry Delivers Swearing-In at NAGE’s Convention in the Golden Nugget Hotel

Yesterday, inside the glittery ballroom of the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas, the attendees at SEIU-NAGE’s convention were treated to a spellbinding speech by SEIU President Mary Kay Henry.

Minutes later, NAGE’s President David Holway took the podium and delivered his own riveting remarks to the convention floor. 

Holway, a skilled multi-tasker, famously served as the full-time President of NAGE while also working as the full-time Executive Director of the Massachusetts Thoroughbred Breeders Association! Oh, and that was while he simultaneously served on SEIU’s International Executive Board.

What a guy!

Holway has a reputation of practicing union democracy in the style of Gus Bevona, Andy Stern and Tyrone Freeman. According to insiders, Holway treats the union as "a private club."  

"It's just a business," Holway is reportedly fond of saying.

Before NAGE's conventions, Holway sends precise instructions to each of NAGE’s local unions instructing their delegates how to vote on each item. 

No dissent is tolerated, say Tasty's sources. “The strongest language and intimidation tactics are employed to ensure lockstep compliance.” 

If a local union's delegates are bold enough to vote the wrong way, Holway will seize control of the local union or cut off all of its funding and resources.

Purple Palace officials have expertly exploited Holway’s corruption to advance their own personal political agendas, say Tasty's sources. 

In one episode, then-SEIU President Andy Stern reportedly threatened Holway with trusteeship due to NAGE’s well-documented history of corruption. However, Stern subsequently dropped his threats in exchange for Holway’s agreement to deliver all of NAGE’s votes for Andy Stern at SEIU’s next international convention.

Says one insider: "David is nothing more than a crook." 

And apparently he’s surrounded by SEIU officials who've learned to work together in perfect symbiosis... like the parasites who lives off a steady flow of steaming animal dung.