Monday, December 22, 2014

Chaos Erupts as SEIU-UHW Staffer Suffers Severe Case of Foot-in-Mouth Disease

Tasty hears that SEIU-UHW’s recent Executive Board meeting ended in chaos after board members caught SEIU-UHW officials in a multi-million dollar lie.

Apparently, Dave Regan has been hounding Executive Board members to sign up their co-workers to make monthly financial contributions to SEIU-UHW’s COPE fund. These contributions -- which are used for politics -- are voluntary.

In response to Regan's persistent pressure, board members have been saying: ‘We’re already paying as much as $134 a month in union dues. Why do we need to make more contributions to SEIU-UHW? Can’t you use some of our dues money for politics?’

SEIU-UHW officials -- doing their best Pinocchio imitation -- have blatantly lied to board members by telling them that the law prohibits the union from using workers’ dues money for political purposes.

Great strategy, right? Lying to your own Board of Directors.

At SEIU-UHW’s December board meeting, Executive Board members discovered various line items in Regan’s 2015 budget that clearly demonstrate that Regan is steering millions of workers’ dues dollars into politics. This is nothing new. Tasty last month reported that Regan is attempting to quadruple the amount of money that's taken from union members' dues and funneled into a Political Action Committee (PAC) that Regan recently set up with his pal, Duane Dauner, the CEO of the California Hospital Association.
SEIU-UHW's Greg Moron

Once the truth was out of the bag at SEIU-UHW’s recent board meeting, things went from worse to worser, as George Bush would say.

SEIU-UHW staffer Greg Maron -- affectionately known by workers as "Mr. Moron" -- was forced to admit that he’d been lying to board members for months. 

And true to his well-earned reputation, Mr. Moron stood in front of the union's board and began digging himself into a deep, muddy hole:
I didn't tell you the truth because this is complicated stuff. Let me try to dumb it down for you…
At this point, the room literally erupted, according to observers.

Nothing better than having an overpaid punk of a union staffer (Moron has pocketed as much as $140,000 a year under Regan) stand up in front of the union's elected board of directors and tell them they’re "STUPID."

Way to go, Greg!