Wednesday, December 17, 2014

NUHW Wins Two More Elections

During the past three weeks, workers at two more non-union California hospitals voted to join NUHW… and by overwhelming margins!

By Tasty’s count, NUHW has won six elections this year and added approximately 1,300 members.

Two weeks ago, a unit of 125 service and technical workers at Petaluma Valley Hospital in the San Francisco Bay Area voted to join NUHW. Here's the final tally of the NLRB election:

NUHW: 78
No Union: 13

And here's the tally from an NLRB election in late November at St. Joseph Hospital Eureka for a unit of 85 technical workers:

NUHW: 51
No Union: 13

In April, a separate unit of 270 workers at St. Joseph Hospital Eureka voted by a 2-to-1 margin to join NUHW.

Congrats to NUHW’s newest members!