Friday, June 16, 2017

Insiders Describe Failures, Mistreatment and Firings inside SEIU-UHW

Dave Regan
Sources have offered more details about Dave Regan’s recent firing of Myriam Escamilla,  who formerly headed SEIU-UHW’s Hospital Division. They also describe a culture of bullying, abuse and mistreatment of SEIU-UHW staff.

One SEIU-UHW staffer writes: "I could write a book about how fucked up Dave Regan and his gang of fascist upper staff [are]."

Why was Escamilla fired?

According to one source, Regan reportedly canned her because she allowed Dignity Health and HCA to eliminate their financial contributions to SEIU-UHW’s Education and Training Fund during negotiations.

Prior to SEIU’s 2009 trusteeship, Sal Rosselli and his team negotiated contract provisions that required the two multi-billion dollar companies to contribute millions of dollars a year to an education and training fund to allow workers to go back to school to train for higher-paid positions inside the healthcare industry.

In a separate report to Tasty, an SEIU-UHW staffer sent along the following note about Escamilla, Regan, Chief of Staff Greg Pullman, and other SEIU-UHW officials, who reportedly “totally mistreat the staff.” (FYI, Paul Matakiewicz is a former supervisor in SEIU-UHW’s Hospital Division.)
Myriam came in and destroyed the whole division. She was a raging, racist bitch. She totally harassed and set up Paul Matakiewicz to be forced out after the years he help build that division. 
…She only had that job because she had once been married to Greg Pullman. I'm glad she was fired. She and other upper staff have tried everything they can to force out a current staffer who is disabled, but had never let it interfere with her work. They've tried to set up up, fuck with her numbers and turn members against her. This really speaks well of a "workers union." I could write a book about how fucked up Dave Regan and his gang of fascist upper staff.