Friday, June 2, 2017

Dave Regan Axes Top Staffer at SEIU-UHW

Myriam Escamilla
Dave Regan has axed one of SEIU-UHW’s top staff directors, according to staffers. Tasty confirmed that Myriam Escamilla, who served as the Director of SEIU-UHW’s Hospital Division, is no longer employed at the union.

Escamilla was so close to Regan that he placed her on the Executive Committee of SEIU-UHW’s Executive Board. Last year, she pocketed $162,415 in pay, according to records filed with the US Department of Labor.

She also has a long relationship with Greg Pullman, Regan’s Chief of Staff. The pair formerly worked together at SEIU Local 521 before teaming up at SEIU-UHW.

Not anymore.

Escamilla was well known for her tantrums, tirades, bullying, and Machiavellian scheming, according to staffers. 

One staffer told Tasty: “Myriam's reputation for abusing staff -- including public humiliation -- is well-deserved.” A former staffer at Local 521 calls her a “primo backstabber.”

After Regan parachuted into California, Escamilla joined with Regan like two peas in a pod.

Bullying? Check.
Arrogant? Check.
Tirades? Check.
Backroom deals with bosses? Check.

Perhaps that’s why staffers reportedly tagged her with nicknames like “Attila the Hun” and “El Diablo.”

In one memorable incident, an SEIU-UHW staffer described how Escamilla fired him during his first week on the job after he expressed reluctance at “donating” part of his paycheck to Regan’s election fund.

Another staffer wrote: “She has caused such divisions in UHW staff by terminating and harassing staff. Many staff are out on stress or in line for termination.”

Oh, and don’t forget Myriam’s other stand-out qualities: dishonesty and incompetence.

In 2012, Escamilla famously negotiated a backroom deal that allowed California’s largest nursing home company to slash SEIU-UHW members’ wages and benefits. After inking the deal, she carefully hid it from workers. And when workers questioned her, she blatantly lied to them. Which explains why workers decided to decertify SEIU-UHW and join NUHW.

In another memorable incident, Escamilla forgot to file a ULP charge in advance of a strike by 160 workers, allowing the boss to lock out 38 workers for months and months.

Escamilla’s reganesque style and her willingness to forfeit workers and principles in order to elevate her position explains her lengthy tenure alongside Regan.

So what caused Regan to axe her?

At this point, it’s not clear. 

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