Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Michigan Hospital Workers Join NUHW in Landslide Vote!

Today, technical workers at Mercy Health Partner's Hackley Hospital in Muskegon joined NUHW in a blow-out election victory over SEIU. The final tally of the NLRB election was 65 (NUHW), 9 (SEIU) and 3 (No Union). A total of 92 workers were eligible to vote in the election.

The technical workers first asked the NLRB to hold an election nine months ago, but SEIU officials worked overtime to block and stall the election while they ran rigged contract-ratification votes. Meanwhile, Dave Regan flew Amado David and other California staffers to Michigan to beg workers to stay in SEIU.

The Hackley caregivers are the second group of Michigan workers to join NUHW in recent months. In September, workers at Luther Manor Nursing Home in Saginaw voted by a two-to-one margin to join NUHW.

SEIU's local union in Michigan is well-known for its corruption and ineffectiveness. In 2008, Rickman Jackson was removed as President of SEIU Healthcare Michigan after stealing more than $30,000 from SEIU members. SEIU’s top officials promptly appointed him to a $130,000-a-year staff position inside the Purple Palace.

Jackson’s replacement in Michigan, Marge Faville, is well known for nepotism and corruption… including a $160,000-a-year salary, a union-paid SUV and a union-paid apartment -- despite the fact that most of the union’s members earn only $8 an hour.

Faville is reportedly so busy stuffing wads of cash into her pockets that she's forgotten to have SEIU staffers actually respond to members’ calls for help or to make sure employers are actually honoring their union contracts.

Sounds like NUHW members will be getting more calls from Michigan workers! Congratulations, Hackley workers!