Friday, January 27, 2012

SEIU Official's Love Affair Lands Him on Paid Leave

It looks like Dave Regan didn’t offer very good advice to his buddy, Steve Matthews (the top official at SEIU Local 721), who’s been waist deep in a dramatic, extra-marital affair with an SEIU staffer.

The last time we tuned into this scandal, SEIU President Mary Kay Henry had dispatched a pair of “personal representatives” to “investigate allegations against Local 721’s executive director.” And Dave Regan was overheard offering advice to Matthews about how to manage the deepening crisis.

Meanwhile, staffers at Local 721 described how Steve’s wife was repeatedly phoning the union’s office in a desperate attempt to track down Steve’s girlfriend, who’d conveniently disappeared on extended sick leave from her job as an SEIU organizer. Union staffers busily exchanged text messages about the latest lurid details while the union’s rank-and-file members wondered how their union hall had become a set for a particularly trashy episode of “Entertainment Tonight” or “the Jerry Springer Show.”

So what’s the latest? Well, it looks like Matthews has been caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar. Union officials recently circulated the following notice announcing they’ve placed Matthews on paid administrative leave. Meanwhile, Matthews’s girlfriend is apparently still on paid sick leave… so it's possible that the two of them are enjoying a "love" vacation funded by SEIU’s members. 

Here’s the announcement:
From the desk of Bob Schoonover

Following the Executive Board meeting held yesterday January 11, 2012, the Executive Director was placed on paid administrative leave. Please direct any questions regarding this matter to me. All media inquiries should be referred to the Director of Communications Marie Lemelle.

At this time, staff who reported directly to the Executive Director should now report to the Chief of Staff, Gilda Valdez.

It is more important than ever that we stay focused and remain committed to improving the lives of our members and their families. Let’s continue to work together to preserve and maintain the strength and integrity of our union.

In solidarity,
Bob Schoonover
So what’s next? Well, Tasty will report on the next scenes of this sordid drama. Meanwhile, Tasty wonders how long it will take before Regan’s multiple extra-marital flings finally catch up to him… especially his trysts with SEIU staffers and members. Hmmm… Tasty thinks this whole web of SEIU love scandals would make a particularly interesting episode for the Jerry Springer Show: Steve, Dave and all their ex’s on one stage... and dressed in various shades of purple!