Sunday, January 22, 2012

SEIU’s Wellness Wonderland

It looks like SEIU is pushing Wellness Programs far and wide – not just at Catholic Healthcare West. Wellness Programs, of course, are the newest corporate scheme for cutting workers' health benefits, as described in this New York Times article.

In Oregon, SEIU Local 503 signed off on a Wellness Program -- which it calls the “Health Engagement Model” -- that forces state workers to pay $20 per month if they refuse to fill out wellness surveys.

So why are workers reluctant to fill out the surveys? Check out the kinds of questions that Kaiser Permanente is asking its employees to answer as part of its so-called “Total Health Assessment.”

Hmmm... would you wanna tell your boss how much alcohol you consume weekly… or whether you take “recreational drugs” or "prescription drugs that aren’t yours" …or how many sexual partners you've had in the past year?

Since workers are not too keen on the surveys, SEIU-UHW has been busy working with Kaiser officials to push the surveys on the membership.

Meanwhile, SEIU-UHW officials are working hand-in-glove with executives at the Daughters of Charity Health System to force Wellness Programs down the throats of several thousand workers. In SEIU’s latest Orwellian effort, SEIU officials have prepared a set of benefit cuts and are trying to sell them to the membership as “innovative,” “bold” and “exciting” proposals that are part of SEIU’s so-called “Let’s Get Health California!” program.

SEIU-UHW's efforts at Daughters of Charity are just like the campaign of despicable deceit and deception that it ran against 13,000 workers at Catholic Healthcare West.  

So what kind of deal has Dave Regan cut with the corporate chiefs at Daughters of Charity? Well, take a look at this not-too-subtle hint. It’s a complaint sent by the California Nurses Association to one of the Daughters of Charity hospitals about the company's efforts to make RNs pay “significantly higher contributions towards the cost of their medical benefits” if the RNs fail to fill out “wellness assessments.”

Stay tuned for more news!