Monday, March 19, 2012

Coalition Steps Up Pressure on Kaiser with ‘Team Salad Days’

It turns out that Tasty spoke too soon when he criticized SEIU's Dave Regan and John August for refusing to develop a plan for fighting Kaiser Permanente’s cuts at the bargaining table.  

Late last week, the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions unveiled two 21st-century tactics that are designed to strike fear into the hearts of Kaiser’s executives: “team salad days” and “walking meetings.” (Tasty is not kidding).

Here’s an excerpt from the Coalition's leaflet (BTW, "UBT" refers to "unit-based team." The full leaflet is below):

Wow!!!  That's like... 'transformational unionism!' What's next?  Group Colon Cleanses. Dietary Fiber Fridays. StairMaster Steward Council Meetings.  The possibilities are endless with 21st century unionism!

 Leaflet about Team Salad Days from the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions during contract negotiations M...