Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SEIU’s “Flirt-to-Convert,” Round Three

Sascha Eisner with unnamed woman
Remember SEIU’s famous effort to recruit workers’ votes by sending female organizers in mini-dresses to parade through hospitals? Well, SEIU has apparently launched another flirt-to-convert campaign at Northern California’s Seton Medical Center, where workers will be voting tomorrow in an NLRB decertification election.  

This time, however, Tasty hears it’s SEIU’s Sascha Eisner who’s strutting the floors of the hospital, flirting with female workers, and inviting them to join him for “drinks and dinner” – courtesy of SEIU!

In January, Seton’s workers launched a rebellion against SEIU after Purple Palace officials negotiated cuts to their benefits, let the company lay off dozens of workers, and then simply failed to return workers’ phone calls for months and months.

As soon as workers filed their decert petition, SEIU-UHW flooded the hospital with as many as 18 organizers per day, while many more purple-clad staffers banged on workers’ doors at home.

So who’s Mr. Flirt-to-Convert? Eisner was formerly the “Organizing Director” of SEIU’s Service Workers United (SWU), where he helped cut a secret deal with two multi-national conglomerates, Sodexo and Compass Group. The deal, which bears Eisner’s name, prohibits SEIU’s members from conducting “strikes, demonstrations, leafleting, informational campaigns of employer or clients anywhere in the world.” (emphasis added)  It also gives the bosses the exclusive power to select which workers are permitted to unionize.

The agreement was supposed to have been cloaked in permanent secrecy by one provision, which SEIU apparently borrowed from a James Bond movie. Here's what it says:
"The agreements are confidential and it is critical to the success of SWU that we honor the confidentiality and not publicly disclose the existence of these agreements."
Hmm... SEIU-styled democracy at its best!

From what Tasty can tell, SWU has completely collapsed in recent years. And that forced Sascha to move back to California, where he's now attempting a different sort of back-room maneuver with female workers. 

And... it looks like Sascha's flirtatious offensives haven't been too successful (too much of that Old Spice aftershave?). His most recent attempt at flirt-to-convert produced only a single vote for SEIU in the election!