Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Too Close to Call at Seton Medical Center

Here's the update from today's NLRB election at Seton Medical Center in Northern California:

With 24 "challenged" ballots that haven't been counted, the current total is: 280 (SEIU) to 271 (NUHW) to 19 (No Union).

The next step is for the NLRB to investigate and rule on the 24 challenged ballots. After that's done, it's possible the vote totals will trigger a run-off election. Under the NLRB's rules, if the top vote-getter doesn't win more than 50% of the counted ballots, then the top two vote-getters participate in a run-off election. Stay tuned!

PS.  Some readers are asking, "What are challenged ballots?" Basically, these are ballots that were submitted by people who may not be eligible to participate in the election or voted at the wrong polling site. For example, if a worker is no longer employed at the hospital or transferred to a new "job classification" that's not included in the bargaining unit, then their ballots may not be valid. The NLRB has to investigate each person's situation to determine whether their sealed ballot should be opened and added to the vote tally.