Thursday, March 1, 2012

SEIU's Toto Tries to Jump through Flaming Hoop

On the eve of SEIU's wellness walk, Tasty hears that lots of interesting images are flying about. And as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

So check out this political cartoon drawn by a Kaiser worker who's a GSO Driver in Northern California. It speaks volumes about boss unionism at Kaiser Permanente. (Tasty loves the purple pedometer hanging around SEIU's neck!)

Meanwhile... SEIU officials have decided that workers will somehow connect with a SpongeBob-like image of a purple pedometer that miraculously has already completed 5,000,000 steps. Hey, if Mr. SpongeBob-O-Meter can walk five million steps, then we can, too!! It reminds Tasty of SEIU's instinctive inclination to treat front-line health workers like children... like this time at California Pacific Medical Center or this time at St. Louise Regional Hospital.

So... as Kaiser managers give SEIU organizers free rein to spread their SpongeBob stickers all over Kaiser's hospitals, Tasty thought he'd make a few tasteful edits to the famous cover art from "Hank" magazine -- the partnership propaganda rag produced by "communications experts" like Maureen Anderson and Andrea Buffa. (BTW, Tasty hears that lots of workers refer to the magazine as "Wank.")

So here, my friends, are Kaiser's phony foursome in their red walking shoes!