Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Think YOU can walk more steps than us? Bring it on!"

It looks like Dave Regan is getting increasingly desperate as SEIU-UHW struggles to turn out workers for Thursday's wellness walk at Kaiser Permanente hospitals. Check out the email that SEIU-UHW sent to Kaiser workers today. (Tasty especially loves the subject line).

Did you happen to notice how SEIU is trying to foment competition among Kaiser workers in an attempt to get workers to participate in SEIU's lame event? And that's not all. Tasty hears that SEIU organizers are promising workers that their names will be entered into "a raffle" for "gift cards" if they join SEIU's wellness walk.

Meanwhile, SEIU's latest email reveals that "Dishonest Dave" has pushed his deception to a new level. The email tells workers that "Every step we take sends a message to Kaiser management that we're ready to do whatever it takes to win on our bargaining priorities." But wait a sec! Didn't SEIU's Joe Simoes tell us that this ain't no protest march... it's a wellness walk that Kaiser officials themselves are promoting through websites like this one and this one... with the help of John August from the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions

Furthermore, let's be clear: SEIU has absolutely no intention of "doing whatever it takes to win" at the bargaining table. In fact, Regan recently told workers they can't say "No" to Kaiser's proposals to cut their benefits. And SEIU actually worked side-by-side with Kaiser managers to threaten workers who wanted to join recent strikes against Kaiser's proposed benefits cuts... which are the same exact cuts that SEIU members are now facing at the bargaining table. Hardly sounds like "doing whatever it takes to win."

Hmm.... It's funny how these things work out. Looks like Regan's "5 million steps for a healthy California" have turned into "5 million reason why you can't trust SEIU!"