Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thriving in Bed with Bernard Tyson

In case readers have any doubts about whether SEIU has already cut a backdoor deal with Kaiser Permanente, check out this website -- -- that’s jointly sponsored by Kaiser, SEIU and the partnership unions.

The site, which encourages Kaiser workers to participate in wellness walks, features Bernard Tyson (Kaiser's President and Chief Operating Officer) and John August (the Executive Director of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions). Here's what the homepage looks like:

Did you happen to notice the two guys in suits in the bottom left-hand corner? That's Tyson and August.

Tyson is Kaiser’s second-highest-paid executive. He has eight separate pension plans and was paid $805,422 during a single two-week pay period in 2008.

John August is a former SEIU staffer who’ll be the partnership unions’ lead negotiator when bargaining begins on March 6th. He's become the premier proponent of so-called “21st century unionism” now that Andy Stern is busy with his billionaire sugar daddy.

And don't miss this! The website also features a highly lame video of August and Tyson, who're literally joined at the hip:

As you can see, it's no wonder that John August and Dave Regan have refused to utter even a single word about Kaiser’s $6.1 billion in profits and its booming executive salaries… even though Kaiser execs are trying to slash workers’ health benefits and pensions. Of course... fighting on behalf of union members is sooo 20th century!

P.S.  Readers may have noticed that John August twitches his hands throughout the video. So what's going on? Tasty believes he may be trying to use Morse Code to communicate with viewers... just like a famous U.S. prisoner of war did during a 1966 TV interview. Tasty consulted several experts, and here's what August is trying to say:  “I CAN'T HELP IT. I JUST LOVE ALL THE ATTENTION AND THE $200K SALARY."