Friday, February 10, 2012

A Trail of SEIU Corruption in Michigan... from the Rickmaster to Policicchio

Backroom deals with employers... No-show jobs for union officials... Nepotism... Money stolen from union members... These are just some of the details of SEIU's long trail of corruption in Michigan.

And there's more... An SEIU staffer reveals that one of SEIU's most corrupt fat cats -- Paul Policicchio -- is still pocketing $54,000 a year from SEIU's members through a "no-show" consulting contract with SEIU's local union in Michigan!

Policicchio was the union's president from 1988 until 1999, at which point he was pushed out of office for corruption. At the time, he was best buddies with Mary Kay Henry, Eliseo Medina and Andy Stern, who appointed Policicchio as an "Executive Vice President" for SEIU International in 1996.

Check out these excerpts from the SEIU staffer's email.  (B/t/w, "SEIU-HC-MI" refers to "SEIU Healthcare Michigan," which is the name of SEIU's local union in Michigan.)
The corruption at SEIU-HC-MI goes back way further than Marge [Faville] and Rickman [Jackson].  Rickman took over from Willie Hampton who was actually, believe it or not, more corrupt than Rickman, going around splitting charitable deductions that the union made with himself and making sure his relatives always got the local's scholarships every year.  His daughter was on the payroll for years even after Willie was long gone and she did absolutely zip, nothing, no one ever even saw her. 

But people used to say Willie was still better than PAUL POLICICCHIO who was the president before Willie.  Policicchio was pushed out of office for corruption and he is still showing up on the local's LM2s as a "consultant" being paid 50,000 a year and he hasn't been anywhere near the union in at least fifteen years.
Tasty checked up on the facts, and our source is right on! Here's an excerpt from SEIU Healthcare Michigan's most recent filing with the U.S. Department of Labor (you can click on the image below to see it better):

According to the government records, Policicchio also pocked $53,400 in annual "consulting" fees in 2008 and 2009. That's $160,000 in just three years for a no-show job... while most of the union's members -- who're homecare workers -- make little more than the minimum wage.

So how corrupt is Policicchio? Check out this blockbuster article in Labor Notes about his backroom deals with bosses and fat-cat thievery.

What other news does Tasty's source have to offer? Well, check out this description of an incident involving Rickman "The Rickmaster" Jackson, who was appointed as the president of SEIU Healthcare Michigan by Andy Stern. The Rickmaster served as president until 2008, when he was forced from office when the Los Angeles Times revealed how he'd stolen more than $30,000 from low-wage union members. 
When Rickman Jackson turned in his blackberry for a new phone, he forgot to clear out the text messages.  The employee who got his old phone turned it on and found dozens of sex-texts from five different women, none of them his wife, including a video of one of his girlfriends pleasuring herself for him.  But when the Rickmaster was being investigated for his double dipping, Gerry Hudson gushed to the executive committee that HE KNEW Rickman was "a man of the highest personal integrity".  I will never forget hearing that because this was after the phone thing which he got in trouble with the International over.
Ewww!... It's hard to imagine what else will emerge from the fetid cesspool that's inhabited by SEIU's top-paid officials.