Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Worst Day in the History of SEIU. Again.

Remember Dave Regan’s famous announcement about “the worst day in the history of SEIU?”

Well, Tasty guesses that Regan is now discussing “the second worst day in SEIU's history.” Today, the 700,000-member International Association of Machinists announced it’s throwing its support behind NUHW and will be working towards an affiliation of the two unions. Here's the press release.

So why is Regan so panicked? Well, at the same time that Regan has been handing out massive concessions to hospital companies and refusing to enforce workers' contracts, NUHW has been winning victories on the shop floor and at the bargaining table.

For example, NUHW recently completed a successful battle at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital in Northern California, where workers beat back more than 50 concessions and preserved all of their benefits -- including their defined-benefit pension and health benefits -- and also won wage increases. The success has prompted many of the hospital's remaining non-union workers to join NUHW.

The only thing that NUHW needs to continue growing is resources. And now, thanks to the Machinists, they've got them!