Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Purple Palace Intrigue

Tasty hears that staffers inside the Purple Palace are nervously whispering about reports that SEIU President Mary Kay Henry has axed another person from her slate of candidates for SEIU's upcoming convention.

Who's the latest reported victim? Mitch Ackerman. (Tasty already reported about MKH's actions against Gerry Hudson.)

And who's Ackerman? In 2009, Andy Stern appointed him as one of SEIU's six "Executive Vice Presidents" -- the highest positions inside the Purple Palace after SEIU's President and Secretary-Treasurer. Following his appointment, Ackerman quickly settled into a cushy office where he busily counted his $300,000-a-year salary, which is virtually identical to Dave Regan's.

Everything was going swimmingly for Ackerman until 2010, when Stern resigned as SEIU's president and Ackerman made the fatal mistake of throwing his support behind Anna Burger during the ensuing succession struggle. And that's apparently why Mary Kay is axing him.

In fact, soon after Henry moved into Stern's presidential suite, she made her first move against Ackerman by removing him from his assignment as head of SEIU's Property Services Division. Henry then assigned Ackerman to run SEIU's South-Southwest Region, which she's now reportedly planning to eliminate -- which will effectively leave Ackerman "S.O.L."

Mary Kay's power play against Ackerman carries a special sting for the Mitch, who spent many years working at SEIU Local 105 in Denver, Colorado. In several months, Denver is precisely where Mary Kay will preside over SEIU's upcoming convention that'll leave Ackerman facing an unknown future.