Monday, February 20, 2012

The Great SEIU-UHW Set-Up at Kaiser Permanente

Dave Regan and Kaiser's George Halvorson

Check out SEIU-UHW's latest leaflet, which urges workers to participate in a lunchtime “wellness walk” just days before the start of SEIU’s upcoming negotiations with Kaiser Permanente.

As Tasty reported last week, Dave Regan and Co are using the "wellness walk" to try to prepare workers for deep concessions during the negotiations, which begin March 6.

The leaflet tells workers that Kaiser will try to cut their benefits during negotiations: “…Kaiser is already talking about how healthcare costs are out of control and they want us to pay for it.”

So… uhh… is SEIU preparing to fight these proposed cuts? After all, Kaiser made record profits of $6.1 billion during the past three years and gave CEO George Halvorson a $1 million pay hike last year.

Nope. Here’s SEIU’s solution:
“We are going to take responsibility for improving our own health as well as be the ambassadors of good health in our communities. We will improve the quality of life of Californians and reduce costs.”
Sounds like the Boss talking, right? Perhaps that’s why SEIU sprinkled a smidgen of faux militancy into its leaflet by suggesting that workers who participate in the “wellness walks” will somehow be engaging in a “walkout”… even though the, err, “walkout” will take place during the middle of workers’ unpaid lunch break. 

Of course, readers already know that SEIU officials aren't particularly interested in walkouts. In fact, SEIU worked side-by-side with Kaiser supervisors to aggressively fight the walkouts by 22,000 members of NUHW, the California Nurses Association and the Stationary Engineers to oppose Kaiser's benefit cuts.

Here’s SEIU’s latest leaflet (click on the leaflet to enlarge it):