Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mary Kay Picks Fight with SEIU 1199NY by Axing Gerry Hudson from Slate

More news is emerging about the infighting between top leaders in the Purple Palace.

Tasty hears that SEIU President Mary Kay Henry has removed Gerry Hudson from her slate of candidates who'll stand for election in SEIU's upcoming convention in Denver, Colorado. Earlier, Henry had reportedly worked to marginalized Hudson, who in turn began mounting a campaign to challenge Henry for the presidency of SEIU.

Hudson, who's currently an SEIU Executive Vice President, used to be a top official at SEIU 1199 New York, which is by far the largest local union in SEIU and controls 20% of the delegates at SEIU's upcoming convention.

Tasty hears that after Mary Kay Henry's latest move against Hudson, George Gresham (the president of 1199NY) phoned Henry to discuss the fraying relationship between the Purple Palace and 1199NY. Sources report that Henry, rather than return the call, simply blew off Gresham altogether.

Looks like things will get nastier. What does it mean when the SEIU's president is at war with its largest local union? Stay tuned!