Monday, February 27, 2012

SEIU's "Dishonest Dave" Does It Again

According to Kaiser workers, SEIU's Dave Regan is up to his dishonest and deceitful ways.

Remember the so-called lunchtime "walk-out" that SEIU officials are trying to organize at Kaiser Permanente for March 1st?

SEIU is aggressively trying to "sell" the event to workers by claiming it's gonna pressure Kaiser into negotiating a fair contract. SEIU's sign-up sheet even discusses Kaiser's proposed benefits cuts and concludes with this language: "YES! I will join the walk and step up to fight for good healthcare jobs..."

So... is SEIU's event actually designed to protest Kaiser's cuts?  Not according to an email from Joe Simoes (the Director of SEIU-UHW's Kaiser Division). Simoes's email -- which was sent only to members of SEIU-UHW's "Contract Action Team" -- says that the event is "a wellness walk!" Here's an excerpt from the email:


And here's the email from the beginning (click to enlarge it):

BTW, did you happen to notice Simoes's lame attempt to talk tough for Kaiser workers? He says, "Thousands of us are going to take a wellness walk on our lunches and breaks and call on Kaiser to walk their Thrive talk." Wow! Look out! The gloves are off!

In fact, Joe "Trash-Talker" Simoes delivered such a devastating rhetorical blow to Kaiser that the company's fat-cat execs have allowed SEIU-UHW to publicize their upcoming "wellness walk" by using Kaiser's internal email system to blast promotional emails to SEIU-UHW members across the state!

Stay tuned for March 1st. Tasty bets the event will bring star-studded appearances by John August, Bernard Tyson, Dave Regan and George Halvorson in matching track suits and purple pedometers!