Wednesday, September 5, 2012

San Francisco Clinic Workers Vote NUHW!

Here are the results from today's NLRB election at Mission Neighborhood Health Center in San Francisco:

43 (NUHW) to 2 (No Union)!

Of course, SEIU-UHW -- which has been the workers' union for many years -- was supposed to be on today's ballot. But last week, Dave Regan realized that SEIU was gonna get trounced in the scheduled decertification election, so he removed SEIU-UHW's name from the ballot by officially "disclaiming interest" in representing the workers. It's called 'running for cover in the face of certain defeat.'

Congratulations to all of the workers at Mission Neighborhood Health Center!

B/t/w, Tasty hears workers are happy to finally be rid of SEIU-UHW super-lame Field Rep Ruben Garcia. Way to go!