Thursday, September 27, 2012

SEIU-UHW's Mary Henagan Is Busted by the NLRB

Remember when the NLRB busted SEIU-UHW Field Reps. Arturo Castellanos and Sandra Jimenez for surveilling, interrogating and threatening one of SEIU-UHW’s own members at Kaiser Los Angeles Medical Center?

Well, newly released legal documents (see an out-of-court settlment below) indicate that another one of Dave Regan’s staffers has been busted at a different Kaiser hospital. It sounds like Regan’s NLRB 'rap sheet' is quickly becoming the envy of union-busting companies across the nation!

SEIU’s latest crime spree was carried out by SEIU-UHW Field Rep. Mary Henagan, who’s fondly referred to by workers as “Scary Mary.” Henagan, who’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer by any stretch of the imagination, apparently tries to compensate for her substantial “deficits” by being super loud, obnoxious and a bully.

So how did Scary Mary break the law?

On a recent workday, a rank-and-file member of SEIU-UHW showed up for her shift at Kaiser Sacramento Medical Center and was assigned to work in an outlying building. When the worker got to the building, she realized she didn’t have keys to get past the locked door, so she walked to an adjoining building to borrow keys from a co-worker.

There, the worker happened to run into “Scary Mary,” who’s the Field Rep assigned to this particular hospital. Henagan, however, didn’t try to help the SEIU-UHW member and instead made a secret phone call to Kaiser’s Human Resources officials and reported the worker as being AWOL from her job! Why? Because the worker -- just like hundreds more at the hospital -- happens to support NUHW.

Kaiser’s HR officials quickly arrived on the scene, took the worker into a vacant room, questioned her without any union representation, and then issued her “verbal coaching” as discipline.

Later on, management inadvertently revealed that Scary Mary was the one who'd actually orchestrated the entire event by dialing purple lies to HR officials.

That’s when the worker filed formal charges against Scary Mary and SEIU-UHW. The NLRB, after a lengthy investigation, announced its plans to put Scary Mary on trial in front of a judge for breaking federal labor law and violating SEIU’s “duty of fair representation” to its members.

SEIU officials realized they'd lose the trial, so they quickly negotiated an out-of-court settlement with the NLRB. The settlement forces Regan and Co. to ask their partners at Kaiser to “rescind the verbal coaching” given to the worker. SEIU-UHW is also required to post notices inside the hospital to inform Kaiser workers that SEIU-UHW will stop violating their rights.

The official notice (see below) includes statements like these to SEIU-UHW's members:
WE WILL NOT restrain or coerce any employee by reporting employee misconduct to Kaiser Permanente as a means for retaliating against any employee for supporting NUHW.

WE WILL NOT cause or attempt to cause Kaiser Permanente to investigate, discipline or otherwise discriminate against any employee for supporting NUHW.

WE WILL NOT in any like or related manner restrain or coerce you in the exercise of your rights under Section 7 of the Act.
Quite stunning, right? A so-called "labor union" that's working with the Boss to target the union's own members? Way to go, Dave!  From what Tasty can see, it sounds like Scary Mary will soon be joining SEIU-UHW Field Rep. Dominic Mitchell as a corporate HR official.
SEIU-UHW's Out-of-Court Settlement with the NLRB for Violating a Kaiser Permanente Worker's Rights 8-30-12