Thursday, September 6, 2012

SEIU's Julie Schnell: A Profile in Courage!

An SEIU member sent this humorous -- but pathetic -- news from “SEIU Healthcare Minnesota,” which represents 14,500 healthcare workers in the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.”

Last week, the union’s president – Julie Schnell – announced she’s resigning her position after spending 33 years on the union’s payroll. The union posted this press release on its website, which paints a stunning portrait of Schnell’s ground-breaking accomplishments while at the union’s helm.  B/t/w, Schnell is also a member of SEIU's International Executive Board.

So what momentous victories did Julie help win for Minnesota’s caregivers during her more than three decades of tireless work? Did she help win industry-wide contracts, pensions, fully employer-paid family healthcare coverage, safe-staffing legislation? Did she lead workers through historic strikes that changed the power dynamics of the state’s healthcare industry?

Well, not exactly. Here’s how SEIU’s press release describes Schnell’s major accomplishments:

Throughout her career with SEIU, Schnell led the Local through a number of major changes, including leading the drive for new member orientation programs for incoming members; developing a program to recognize members and their years of service; and putting together a political agenda for the union.

Wow! Quite stunning, right?

Imagine the courage it must have taken to “lead the drive for new member orientation program for incoming members.” Incredible! And what about that innovative program where Julie hands out rinky-dink certificates to union members in order to recognize their 15th year on the job?  

Julie is unquestionably one of the most visionary leaders inside SEIU!

And then, of course, there’s Julie’s brilliant political accomplishment:  “putting together a political agenda for the union.” This, my friends, is truly earth-shaking.

Fortunately, workers can continue to rely on President Schnell’s incalculable wisdom even during her retirement! That’s right… the last paragraph of SEIU’s press release announces that Julie has already signed up for a consulting job with SEIU Healthcare Minnesota so she can supplement her fat SEIU pension with overblown consulting fees.

SEIU’s Julie Schnell… a profile in courage!