Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SEIU Local 721: "We think she's having anxiety attacks..."

In an earlier post, a worker famously reported that “the bloodletting has begun” at SEIU Local 721, which is stumbling through its latest corruption scandal. Tasty's source says the purple knives are plenty sharp at the union of 70,000 public-sector workers in Los Angeles. 

Apparently, six more staffers have been fired by the union's president, Bob Schoonover. The fired staffers reportedly include Angel Harb, Kevin Ihrke, Romina Loreto, Cory Cordova, Lorena Vellanoweth and Carlos Vellanoweth. The last three, of course, are well-known scabs who helped impose SEIU’s trusteeship on California’s healthcare workers… and later sought exile at Local 721 after souring on SEIU-UHW's Dave Regan.

Tasty's source offers plenty of colorful details about life inside Local 721:

We also heard that Bob [Schoonover] and Gilda [Valdez] have been fighting a lot lately and that they're both pointing the finger at each other while our vp Linda Dent gets drunk every day and runs around the office yelling and cursing. We think she's having anxiety attacks and emotional breakdown. Our president is using dues for personal gain, our vp is an alcoholic that comes to the office drunk and our chief of staff is corrupt. We're hanging on for dear life!!

Meanwhile, Tasty’s source says that Local 721 is abuzz with details about money that’s allegedly missing from the union’s coffers along with the multiple schemes that Schoonover apparently hatched to finance his re-election campaign for the presidency of Local 721.

Here’s a campaign leaflet that Schoonover’s opponents are circulating among workers in advance of officer elections at the union. Stay tuned for more!