Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kaiser Workers: "Dave Regan's Secret Plot Got Me Banned from Canada"

A source sent Tasty this incredible story involving Dave Regan and the Canadian border police.

Here’s what happened.

Recently, the International Association of Machinist (IAM) held its once-every-four-years convention in Toronto, Canada. Prior to the convention, SEIU’s Dave Regan hatched a scheme to monkey-wrench the machinists’ convention because of the machinists' support for NUHW

Regan instructed his staff to recruit some unsuspecting SEIU-UHW members from Kaiser Permanente’s hospitals in California and then send them to Canada to carry out his secret plot. Regan instructed his staffers to deliberately keep the rank-and-file workers in the dark about the purpose of their trip. Instead, workers were told they were going on an all-expenses-paid trip to Canada on behalf of SEIU.

After arriving at Toronto’s airport, the workers were asked by Canadian customs officials: “What's the purpose of your trip to Canada?” The SEIU-UHW members responded that, uhh, they weren’t really sure, but their union had sent them there for some kind of union business. The gracious Canadians kindly allowed their neighbors from the south to enter the country.

Hours later, SEIU officials broke the news to the Kaiser workers that they’d been sent there to disrupt the IAM’s convention. The handful of Kaiser workers -- along with a few staffers from an SEIU local in Toronto -- were instructed to carry out a hare-brained scheme that has the familiar fingerprints of SEIU staffers Amado David, Greg Maron and Steve Trossman.

So what happened?

The group of approximately 10 SEIUers valiantly attempted to assault the convention of more than 2,000 machinists. Apparently, one SEIUer entered the convention center and made a beeline for the bathroom, where he courageously tried to hang pro-SEIU leaflets in toilet stalls. Another SEIUer donned a gorilla mask and unsuccessfully attempted to rush the stage where IAM officials were addressing the 2,000 delegates.

Not the smartest move.

Soon, the purple foot soldiers were surrounded by machinists and Canadian police officers on a street corner outside the convention. There, they were questioned by police about multiple violations of Canada’s penal code, including trespassing and disrupting a private event.

When it finally came time for the Kaiser workers to head back to sunny California, they breathed a sigh of relief and made their way to Toronto’s airport. That’s where they got the biggest shock of their trip. 

At the airport, the Kaiser workers were confronted by Canadian immigration authorities -- the same ones who’d accepted their not-so-believable story when they first entered the country.

It turns out that the immigration officials had already been contacted by the police about SEIU's multiple criminal acts at the convention center, and that the immigration authorities were none too pleased that SEIU had taken advantage of Canada’s friendly approach.

So what did they do?

The immigration authorities announced they were banning the Kaiser workers from ever returning to Canada. Ouch!

Tasty hears that by the time they touched down in California, these SEIU-UHW members were none too pleased with Dave Regan and his deceitful ways. Their “all-expenses trip to Canada” had become "a lifetime ban" facilitated by healthy doses of lies from Regan and SEIU. 

SEIU storms Labor Notes conference.
Not surprisingly, this isn't the first time Regan has pulled this trick on SEIU’s members. In 2008, he instructed his staff to recruit busloads of SEIU members to travel to Dearborn, Michigan... also under false pretenses.

Once there, SEIU officials told the workers to storm a Labor Notes conference attended by 1,000 union activists and pro-democracy reformers.

Tragically, one of SEIU’s rank-and-file members -- a homecare worker named David Smith -- died of a heart attack during Regan’s violent assault on the convention. SEIU also sent a 67-year-old conference-goer to the hospital after pushing her to the floor and cutting open her head.

So, for all you SEIU members out there: If SEIU ever asks you to get on a bus or join them for an all-expenses-paid trip, you know what to say.