Thursday, October 11, 2012

Latest Gig for SEIU’s Tyrone Freeman?

SEIU's Tyrone Freeman

So what’s Tyrone Freeman up to these days… besides waiting to be tried on 15 criminal counts that could land him in prison for 200 years?

Well, a resourceful reader has uncovered the latest details of Freeman’s stranger-than-fiction odyssey. It turns out that Tyrone is seeking new outlets for the “entrepreneurial skills” that he so infamously displayed at SEIU Local 6434.

In fact, today and tomorrow -- October 11 and 12 -- Tyrone will be peddling vitamins to golfers in Virginia while under the court’s close supervision.

According to a court order that’s posted below, Freeman’s attorneys obtained permission from a judge so that Tyrone could travel out of Pennsylvania for 48 hours. The judge’s two-page order permits Freeman -- under strict limits -- to travel to the Eagle Haven Golf Course in Norfolk, VA so he can “assess the viability of the commissary market for multivitamins.”

Here’s an excerpt from the judge’s order (see the full order below):

Defendant TYRONE RICKY FREEMAN may travel outside the state of Pennsylvania from October 10, 2012 through October 12, 2012 for the limited purpose of attending the Hampton Roads ALA Golf and Oyster Roast at the Eagle Haven Golf Course in Norfolk Virginia in order to assess the viability of the commissary market for multivitamins produced by Potomac Products, Inc.

Defendant TYRONE RICKY FREEMAN may travel via automobile commencing on October 10, 2012, but must return to the state of Pennsylvania by 12:00 p.m. midnight on October 12, 2012.

Prior to departure, defendant TYRONE RICKY FREEMAN will provide United States Pretrial Officer Gregory Wilson a written itinerary of where he will be staying while outside the Western District of Pennsylvania and what business events he will be attending.

But wait… that’s not all!

You see, Freeman’s entrepreneurial skills may only matched by those of SEIU President Emeritus Andy Stern, who now famously peddles pharmaceutical products on behalf of his billionaire sugar daddy! Way to go, SEIU!

It turns out that Freeman -- besides hawking vitamins -- is also the proud founder of the “Cigars Cartel of America, LLC,” a business venture that “embellishes a bigger than life persona” and allows Tyrone to pursue his “passion” for the “artistry of cigar making,” according to the Cartel’s website. (Tasty is not kidding.)

The website implausibly claims that Freeman is “equipped with an MBA in International business” that helps him sell his “El Jefe” cigars to “one enthusiast at a time.”

Of course, Freeman’s “passion” for cigars is well-documented in criminal indictments and court records, which allege that Tyrone embezzled buckets of dues money from low-wage SEIU members in order to enjoy leisure-filled afternoons in Beverly Hills cigar bars.

Freeman’s website includes multiple romantic flourishes like this one:

As he travels the great regions of our country, his passion for creating great cigars can be experienced in the sharing of his knowledge and understanding of the Puerto Rican flagship cigar “El Jefe.”

Whoops! Sounds like Tyrone conveniently forgot to tell all the cigar-smokers about that pesky 15-count criminal indictment that puts a kink in Ty's cross-country travels.

Oh, and check out this dramatic statement on the Cartel’s website:

There are certain times in history when you know a single moment changed the course of events for time to come. For cigar smokers that moment was August14, 2011. On that day, the Cigars Cartel of America, LLC was founded.


Of course, it goes without saying that many of us are awaiting a very different moment in history. For healthcare workers and union reformers, that moment will come when a jury announces a guilty verdict for Freeman, Andy Stern, Mary Kay Henry, Eliseo Medina, Tom Woodruff, Dave Regan and all the other corrupt fat-cats hiding inside the Purple Palace!