Sunday, October 7, 2012

SEIU Staffers in CA: "SEIU Union-Busted Us"

Union staffers protest SEIU Local 1000 in California

SEIU is facing more charges of union busting... from its own staff and the NLRB! 

Several weeks ago, Tasty reported that office workers at the Purple Palace picketed Mary Kay Henry in Washington, DC.

Not to be outdone, SEIU officials in California are attempting to slash the benefits of 160 union staffers at SEIU Local 1000, which represents 95,000 state employees. 

SEIU has proposed sharp benefits cuts for its staff that are described in a one-page letter posted below. Among the cuts:  SEIU reportedly wants each staff person to pay thousands of dollars a year in premiums just to maintain health coverage comparable to their Kaiser HMO plan.

In addition, SEIU officials simply stopped recognizing the union that's represented Local 1000’s staffers for many years: United Auto Workers Local 2350. Here's how the union staffers describe it:

Local 1000 walked away from the bargaining table and effectively union-busted its own employees.

The staffers quickly filed an "unfair labor practice" charge against SEIU. The NLRB, after conducting an investigation, announced it was issuing a formal complaint against SEIU for violating federal labor law. On September 20, an administrative law judge concluded a three-day hearing on SEIU’s actions and will release a final ruling on SEIU’s apparent violations in the next month or two.

On September 27, the Sacramento Bee published an article about the dispute, which reads in part:

…the United Auto Workers is calling [SEIU] Local 1000 a hypocritical union-buster. An official with the National Labor Relations Board says SEIU, as an employer, has engaged in "unfair labor practices."
Finally, here’s the letter describing the benefits cuts that SEIU is seeking from its own staffers at Local 1000:
Letter on Benefits Cuts Demanded by SEIU Local 1000 to its Staff -- March 2012