Thursday, October 25, 2012

SEIU-UHW Shop Steward: "Give Me Your Vacation... or Else!"

Remember the post about the three SEIU-UHW shop stewards who were recently sued for violating civil rights laws?

A source tells Tasty that at least one of these SEIU-UHW stewards is now facing a second investigation for allegedly using her union position to extort vacation benefits from her co-workers.

Here’s what workers say:

Tina Anderson is an SEIU-UHW shop steward in the Environmental Services Department at Kaiser Permanente’s Vallejo Medical Center. Apparently, Tina used up all of her accrued vacation… so she devised the following scheme to replenish her vacation time.

She reportedly went from worker to worker in her department and demanded that they “donate” a portion of their vacation time to her… or else she would get one of the department’s supervisors to make their lives hell. Apparently, she also added a little “carrot” to her “stick” by telling her co-workers that if they complied with her demands, she’d instruct the department’s managers to leave them alone.

Incredible, right? Although… nothing shocks Tasty after witnessing the countless transgressions of Dave Regan’s storm troopers.

In fact, perhaps Tina Anderson is simply taking SEIU’s partnership with Kaiser to a whole new “21st century” level. Or perhaps she’s modeling her career after John August, who’s reportedly been using his powerful position within the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions to prey on others. 

As they say, role models abound over at the Purple Palace!