Tuesday, December 10, 2013

CEO's Leaked Email Details Sweetheart Unionization Proposal by SEIU-UHW's Dave Regan

Duane Dauner, CEO of CHA

A consumer rights organization in Los Angeles has posted a copy of an internal email from the CEO of the California Hospital Association (CHA) that describes Dave Regan’s attempt to secure a sweetheart unionization deal covering tens of thousands of healthcare workers.  

The email (see below) is authored by Duane Dauner, the CHA’s CEO, and was sent to hospital CEOs to report on Dauner's discussions with Regan. 

The third page of the document -- entitled “Year 1 Proposal” --  contains a list of 30,293 workers at 33 hospitals that Regan is trying to bring into SEIU-UHW under a deal that would force workers into cheap, pre-negotiated labor contracts. 

Today is the first time that Dauner's email has been publicly distributed. Earlier, unnamed sources described the email to Tasty and reporters at the Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times

Under Regan's proposed sweetheart deal, workers would be banned from striking and would no longer receive regular wage increases intended to keep pace with inflation.

According to Dauner's email, Regan was supposed to meet with hospital CEOs in October so he could discuss his proposed sweetheart deal with the industry. However, so few CEOs planned to attend the meeting that it was cancelled. Here’s an excerpt from Dauner’s email:

Due to lack of hospital executives' attendance at a meeting that was scheduled for today, the discussion session was canceled.

Today I had a conversation with Dave Regan, President of SEIU-UHW for California. He expressed disappointment and affirmed statements he has made on numerous occasions (dating back to the May 3, 2012 CHA-SEIU Strategic Agreement) that SEIU would file statewide ballot initiatives in October 2013 for the November 4, 2014 general election if progress is not made on SEIU’s goals as described in the Strategic Agreement under the category of "high road management-labor relations.” Specifically, SEIU expected elections covering 20,000 employees in hospitals under a mutually developed code of conduct. Thus far, no progress has been made towards agreements for elections.

I was advised today that four initiatives will be filed by mid-October (descriptions are attached). Also attached is a list of hospitals that SEIU proposes for agreements…

Here’s the full email.