Friday, December 6, 2013

Where Is She Now…? SEIU’s Angela Hewett

SEIU's Hewett inside Kaiser cafeteria
When readers last sent news of her, Angela Hewett had quit her job at SEIU-UHW and taken a position as the Organizing Director at the American Association of University Professors (AAUP).

In an earlier post, Tasty described Hewett’s dramatic makeover. 

At SEIU-UHW, Hewett was best known for thuggery. Under Dave Regan’s guidance, she instructed SEIU-UHW’s stewards to turn Kaiser Permanente’s hospitals into “World War III” battlegrounds to try to stop workers from discussing their choices in an NLRB election between SEIU-UHW and NUHW.

Later, Hewett was captured on film as she screamed and beat her fists on tables inside the cafeteria at Kaiser Baldwin Park Medical Center in Los Angeles. Hewett was trying to stop 82-year-old labor legend Dolores Huerta, a co-founder of the United Farm Workers Union with Cesar Chavez, from talking to workers inside the hospital’s cafeteria filled with patients, family members and off-duty workers.

Well… it looks like Hewett’s job at the AAUP hasn’t turned out so well. Just months after she took the professorial job, Hewett is no longer an employee.

Tasty doesn’t have any details on Hewett’s departure… although he speculates that her Regan-inspired fist-pounding might have rubbed some of the professors the wrong way. Who would've guessed!

Angela Hewett during a quieter moment at the AAUP