Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Email Reveals Dave Regan's Role in SEIU's Backroom Deal with Nursing Home Industry

Remember the 50-year ban on strikes that SEIU officials discussed with California’s nursing home bosses during their “partnership” negotiations in 2007?

Well, an email reveals that Dave Regan was neck-deep in those negotiations (see copy below).

At the time, Regan was the Chair of the Executive Committee of SEIU’s National Nursing Home Unity Council. SEIU President Andy Stern ordered Regan to lead the negotiations with California’s nursing home bosses after Sal Rosselli and his team refused to sell out workers.

On the bosses’ side of the bargaining table sat Scott Carlson, the chief negotiator for the nursing home companies or “operators.” Carlson sent the following email to Regan, Gerry Hudson (one of SEIU’s Executive Vice Presidents) and Nicole Berner, an SEIU attorney in Washington, DC. A printed copy of the email is posted below.

From: Scott Carlson
Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2007 4:01pm
To: Dave Regan; Gerald Hudson; Nicole Berner
Subject:  Affirmation of CA Operator Interest in Bargaining New Alliance with SEIU Unity Council

Operators have now affirmed their interest in bargaining a new agreement with you. They have no precondition of starting negotiations upon SEIU moving [Sal Rosselli] UHW’s jurisdiction to 434B [Tyrone Freeman]. It makes sense to start now and see where we end up. Operators know that [Sal Rosselli’s] UHW strongly prefers their historical labor approach and will continue to undermine progressive collaboration [with the bosses] as long as permitted.

Attached please find company coalition consensus interests in a long-term relationship. Unless you want to provide me with SEIU’s corresponding specific interests/concerns, we could start working from this framework to draft an improved agreement. Since there are three of you and one of me, I’ll put the ball in your court to schedule a conference call to discuss next steps. I’d suggest scheduling some in-person meetings asap so that participants can plan far in advance.

Scott Carlson, Esq.

The email is important for at least two reasons:

First, it shows that Regan is no stranger to the kind of sell-out partnership deal that he’s currently trying to negotiate with the California Hospital Association.

Secondly, the email helps us understand why the Purple Palace was so focused on removing Rosselli and his team. The bosses wanted Rosselli out of the picture so they could negotiate with highly accommodating and corrupt leaders like Tyrone Freeman and Dave Regan, who’re willing to sell out workers at the drop of a hat.

Of course, Stern -- who’s now on the payroll of a billionaire who employs thousands of SEIU’s members, Ron Perelman -- was only too willing to accommodate the bosses’ every desire, which he accomplished through a bogus trusteeship of Rosselli and his team in 2009.

Makes you wonder… How many similar emails were sent to Stern from the CEOs of Kaiser Permanente, Dignity Health, Sutter Health, etc?