Tuesday, December 24, 2013

More California Workers Bolt SEIU-UHW... 5 Victories in a Row for NUHW!

Last Friday, workers at a nursing home in the San Francisco Bay Area voted unanimously to join NUHW!

This latest win caps a string of five election victories for NUHW in the past month. Three of the elections were by non-union workers at Kindred Healthcare and Sutter Health and two were among workers who decertified SEIU-UHW to join NUHW.

Friday’s election at a nursing home in San Rafael offers another startling chapter in the tale of fraud and deception that SEIU-UHW’s Dave Regan has brought to California.

Here’s what happened.

Last year, SEIU-UHW’s Myriam Escamilla conducted secret negotiations with the workers’ boss… and then signed a full contract without ever talking to the workers!

The story gets worse.

Workers heard some buzz from their supervisors about the negotiations, so they repeatedly asked SEIU-UHW: “Are you negotiating with our boss?” 

Escamilla -- who now directs SEIU-UHW's Hospital Division -- boldly lied to workers, telling them “No.” But workers soon discovered that SEIU-UHW had allowed the Boss to slash their benefits, working hours, and other conditions.

Myriam Escamilla
After repeatedly confronting Escamilla, workers forced her to show them the secret agreement. Workers then forced Escamilla to put it to a vote of the membership. Workers voted it down unanimously! And then filed a petition to decertify SEIU-UHW and join NUHW!

In typical fashion, SEIU-UHW launched its stall-and-delay tactics at the NLRB, which held up the election for more than half a year. 

But as last Friday’s election finally drew near, SEIU-UHW officials acknowledged they had zero support among the workers… So, just 48 hours before the election, SEIU-UHW formally withdrew from the election and workers voted unanimously to join NUHW.

Congrats to the workers for prevailing in their lengthy fight to free themselves from the purple tentacles!