Monday, March 24, 2014

Election News from Seton Medical Center in California

Here’s more news from the NLRB election at Seton Medical Center, where on March 19th approximately 700 workers voted to dump SEIU-UHW and join NUHW.

According to Tasty’s sources, SEIU-UHW outspent NUHW by an estimated ten-to-one margin… but still lost!   

Dave Regan assigned dozens of staff to chase down workers inside the hospital and at their homes, where workers faced a steady onslaught of door knockers, robo calls, purple mail pieces, and email blasts.

As the election approached, workers at one hospital facility ventured outside to find Regan’s massive purple RV plunked down on the hospital’s property and blocking traffic.  

SEIU’s main campaign tools were the usual: fear, threats and misinformation. But SEIU officials -- known as the masters of mendacity -- were sometimes so over-reaching in their lies, they became outright comical. For example, SEIU tried to tell workers they'd lose their pension if they voted for NUHW -- even though Regan had already given away workers' defined-benefit benefit pension two years ago!


Workers say that another key to the election was SEIU’s massive "trust deficit" among workers.  In 2012, Regan forced giant benefit cuts down the throats of workers by holding a ramrod ratification vote that gave workers just 9 hours advance notice before the voting began on a Sunday morning. When workers filed formal protests noting that the rushed vote violated SEIU’s own constitution, SEIU’s Dave Regan and Mary Kay Henry simply ignored the workers and SEIU's own constitution.

Regan, in a laughable effort to overcome the distrust, handed out notarized “Guarantees" to convince the workers they’d somehow be in a whole world of hurt if they voted for NUHW. (See below.)

So how did workers respond? 

Tasty hears they openly mocked Regan by stripping the yellow stars from his notarized forms and pasting them on their uniforms like so many sheriff’s badges.

Hey Dave, sounds like there are a whole lotta new sheriffs in town!