Thursday, March 27, 2014

SEIU Officials Plot a Takeover of Purple Palace

A group of top SEIU officials is sharpening their knives in preparation for a bid to take over the penthouse suite atop the Purple Palace.

Here’s what’s happening, according to reliable sources.

SEIU-UHW’s Dave Regan is actively organizing to unseat SEIU President Mary Kay Henry in SEIU’s next “election” in 2016.

Unlike the Machinists or Teamsters, SEIU doesn’t allow its members to vote in the once-every-four-years elections to choose SEIU’s president and the International Executive Board. Instead, workers' votes are cast by the leaders of each local union, thereby turning the local leaders into giant powerbrokers who control up to several hundred thousand votes each.

So who has Regan recruited to his plot against Mary Kay Henry?

George Gresham (the president of SEIU 1199NY) along with the leaders of various local unions who supported Anna Burger (the former Secretary-Treasurer of SEIU) during the succession struggle that followed Andy Stern’s resignation in 2010.

In addition, Tasty has learned that Andy Stern has joined Regan and Gresham. Why? Stern is telling insiders he wants to oust Henry because she's destroying the empire that he built while he was president of SEIU.

What’s the real reason?

Stern wants more power at SEIU. When he was pushed from office in 2010, he worked to create as many divisions among SEIU’s top leaders as possible. He publicly backed Anna Burger’s effort to become SEIU’s president while encouraging Mary Kay Henry to run against her.

Stern’s calculation? Internal divisions provide greater opportunities to recapture power.

Who will run against Mary Kay Henry in 2016?

Good question. Tasty hears that Regan and Gerry Hudson, whom MKH tried to knock off her slate several yrs ago, are both vying to climb atop this new coalition.

Stay tuned for more details on the infighting among the power-hungry purple officials!